About Us

Welcome to TradeLogical

Who Are We

We are a Team of MBA graduates with with in-depth knowledge of Indian Stock Market.

And We ❤ Technical Analysis 

Our Mission

To make every individual in India knowledgeable about the financial market and make investing an easy task

What We Do

We do in depth research to find the best techniques/strategies used in the stock market world.

We also train individuals who are interested in learning Technical analysis and Investment techniques to become financially Independent

Our history

Like every beginner in the stock market even we faced a lot of problem to learn about the financial world.

Coming from an Engineering Background, Investing and trading were very new to us.

There was no proper guide to learn how the stock markets work. We learnt the hard way reading different books, attending many sessions and trying various combinations to learn Technical Analysis and Financial Planning.

So, We do not want you to go throw the same thorny path to learn the art of trading. This is why we started the “Trade Logic” website: to help you learn and grow your wealth as well as your knowledge and become financially Independent.

Interested in Learning More?

Technical analysis at first may seem very difficult! but it's not. Don't worry - We will guide you with all the knowledge required to make you technically strong and earn consistent profits