World Stock Markets Opening & Closing Time in Indian Standard Time (IST)


The following is a list of opening and closing times for various stock exchange worldwide in Indian Standard Timing (IST). 

I have divided the world market into three categories

  1. European market
  2. American market
  3. Asian market

It is important to know how the world market impacts the Indian stock market.

Before the Indian stock market – NSE and BSE open at 9 A.M (IST), These global indices affect our stock market.

Firstly the US Stock Market Closes at 1:30 A.M (IST) after the US market Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and China markets open in the morning before our market opens.

This Global index affects our Indian stock market. 

For example, if the Japan or Hong Kong index is positive we can assume that our market will be will open in the positive that day*

Having an idea of how global markets performed before our market open will help decide your trade (BUY/SELL) if you are an intraday trade.

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